Installation & Uninstallation

  • Chimneys have become an important part of our kitchen. It is very hard to find a properly trained and experienced professional service provider for the installation of the chimney in the kitchen.
  •  With all the information available online, you may feel like installing a chimney yourself. Without the proper industrial knowledge, you might just be setting your chimney to circulate the air back to inside your kitchen and not outside.
  • We understand that it is very hard for people to take care of their chimney installation when they have so many important things to do. 
  • Prism Lead India has partnered up with the best chimney installation service providers in Bangalore to provide the best and the most optimal installation services at payable and affordable rates. Our repairmen are trained and are much experienced having installed innumerable chimneys over the period of a decade. 

Repair and services

  • In general, it is necessary that you should get your chimney serviced once or twice a year (depends on usage).
  • But if you are facing some problems in the chimney, you should take service for the inspection. You can identify the external issues like the chimney is making sound, it is not sucking the air effectively and more. But it is sufficient to hire experts to inspect internal problems.
  • If your electric chimney is exhibiting problems, try to amend it immediately because it prevents hazards such as a collapsing chimney, black mold or smoke damage.
  • Prism Lead India technicians are ready to assist you with various brands of chimneys like Elica chimney service, Gilma chimney service, Kaff chimney service and Faber chimney service bangalore.
  • Our professionals will provide service on-site, diagnose the issue effectively, and provide you with the outstanding Kaff chimney service and Faber chimney service in bangalore. Our repairmen are highly qualified and well-trained to repair all leading brands of an electric chimney.
  • Among them we provide service – Glen Chimney, Cata Chimney, Kaff Chimney,  IFB Chimney, Ceasa Chimney, Bajaj Chimney, Whirlpool Chimney, Usha Chimney,  Faber HeatKraft Chimney,  Kutchina Chimney, Hindware Chimney, Prestige Chimney, and other top brands.


Annual Maintenance

Chimney maintenance is fairly minimal. There are generally three different schedules to keep in mind:

  • Annual inspection: Once per year, hire a technician to inspect your chimney and ensure they’re working properly.
  • Cleaning: In general, you’ve to plan to have your chimney cleaned regularly. How many times your chimney needs to be cleaned depends upon the usage of your chimney. 
  • Additional maintenance: If you notice a problem with your solar panels outside of your annual inspection, you can schedule a maintenance appointment as required.
  • Scheduled Maintenance service: You can book service for annual inspection when you’re free. We offer on-site service and we make sure that we’ll resolve the issue immediately with satisfactory results.


Chimney Services in Bangalore

  • Prism Lead India provides you convenient and smooth Chimney service in Bangalore. You can get your chimney repaired and serviced, irrespective of the brand it belongs to.
  • You can have a chimney from Faber HeatKraft, Glen, IFB, Prestige, Bajaj, Pigeon, or Usha. We provide service to all brands respectively.
  • Our repairmen are skilled and professionally equipped for repairs and chimney installation in Bangalore. And you don’t even need to leave your house to look for repairmen anymore.
  • You can just use Prism Lead India to book the chimney repair services in Bangalore and relax while the technicians visit your house and complete your requested task.
  • Along with the repair, your chimney will also be cleaned and you can get annual inspection service. All the services will be at reasonable, affordable and transparent rates. Book chimney repair in Bangalore at Prism Lead India to experience tension-free service.
  • Our trained chimney service experts will be at your doorstep Prism Lead India provides the best chimney service in Bangalore city at affordable rates. 


 About Our Professional Technicians

  • Our technicians are experienced technicians in repairing chimneys, and we offer high-quality service at affordable prices.
  • We provide a high level of service and complete repose. Our staff consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who work effectively and provide you with satisfactory results.
  • Similarly, we guarantee that our service will be delivered on-site the same day.
  • Our technicians are qualified and experienced repair engineers who ensure that you will get the best satisfactory services with neat handling.
  • For Chimneys and Hobs, we not only offer service guarantees for non-guaranteed equipment, but also the extended warranty of all major dealers in your area. Our technicians are well grounded and efficient, ensuring that you receive the best service in peace and quiet.